Nooka Watches

Other than my iconic headbands that are standard pieces with my outfits, I'm not one that layers on too many jewels or accessories with my wardrobe. So if I do wear something, it's got to be an accessory that I'm completely in love and infatuated with. And today's must-have is just that. Not really a watch wearer at all, when I laid eyes on these watches by Nooka, I automatically fell in love and suddenly quickly converted over to becoming a watch fanatic. With bright colors, fun layouts, and unique designs and collaborations (like the Hello Kitty one below), Nooka's watches are nothing like I've ever seen before. With a philosophy of creating a line of products that stands out from the rest, I firsthand have seen Nooka accomplish this goal time and time again when without a fail, I have at least one person each time I wear the watch give me some form of compliment on it-- something that doesn't happen as frequently with my other accessories. With a unique and creative watch surface that is not like a typical and standard clock, I feel like a Nooka scientist giving people a breakdown of how you actually go about reading the time. Being someone that likes to be different with my clothing and wear pieces that are fashion forward and not of the norm, if you're looking for the latest cool accessory in town, look no further because Nooka has you covered.