Love Through The Decades: 2000s

Photography / Makeup: Madison Dizon

Shopping is the only sport I need —Paris Hilton

There was NO WAY I could end this series without doing a little throwback to the Millenniums! When I was at first trying to think of what the Millennium style really full encompassed, I instantly thought Britney Spears, *NSync, and more. And then I thought about the whole Juicy Couture and UGG craze that was going on at the time and how people (including myself) would religiously wear these jumpsuits and boots out and about town (even in LA when it was so hot that it didn't even make sense to wear UGG boots out-- yet, it was all the craze!). So I just couldn't let this era go by without paying homage to the most comfortably chic style that even JLo herself made a shout out to in her "I'm Real" music video (which I just had to replicate in today's Instagram post).


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Jumpsuit: Juicy Couture
Shoes: UGG Australia
Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics (Pink Lust)

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