I remember when I first met Desiree, eons and eons ago. She walked into the room wearing this bright yellow top that quickly grabbed my attention. And I remember the first thing I thought to myself was: "I need to know where she got that shirt from." Answer: Zara (of course). That's how our first encounter happened and it was kind of dunzo from there. Desiree's style is something I have admired since day one (literally) and is something I love about her. Unlike many who flee from the freezing cold to head to sunny LA, Desiree has braced herself and done the opposite. While switching states to move to New York may not be such a culture shock, it definitely is a weather shock and is something that she (and her closet) have been working to adjust to. The stockings, hat, fur vest combo is one of Desiree's favorite and classic New York looks, whereas burgundy is her ultimate go-to color of the season (which plays out perfectly and subtly in this outfit's choice of shoes, hat and nails). Many think living in the cold means you can't look cute because you have to pound on the layers. But Desiree shows how one can still be boho chic when it's negative 0.5 degrees.


Vest: Phillip Lim (similar here) // Shirt: Stella McCartney (similar here) // Skirt: Zara (similar here) // Shoes: H&M (similar here) // Hat: H&M (similar here) //  Purse: Alexander Wang // Belt: Vera Wang // Jewelry: Brooklyn Flea Market (rings), Michele (watch)