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It’s not the things we did in life that we regret. It’s the things we didn’t do.

N • O • ✨ R • E • G • R • E • T • S.

DAY 1 of 365. Here we go! What a perfecttt day for a #MotivationMonday right?!
Every time the New Year comes around, we hear all this talk about #NewYearsResolutions & things people want to change about themselves. And while I think it’s great to be refreshed to want to work on the things that sooo DIDN’T work your way the past year, instead of completely throwing your mistakes away in the trash, I believe that it’s important to build & learn from them and have them as motivation to what you DO want to see in this New Year.

The greatest lesson I learned in 2017 is that life is too short to continually be worrying about what the results of your actions will be. We live our lives in a way that we’re too afraid to take actions outside of our comfort zone if we’re not sure we’ll get the guaranteed responses we’re looking for. But what is life without trying & going after the things you want? If we continually play it safe, we’re never going to grow or even GIVE ourselves the opportunity to achieve things that are beyond what we even think are possible.

In 2017 I took some unguaranteed actions which led to some of the most amazing valued rewards. WIN! 🙏🏻🎉 I also took some actions that ended in not the expected results. FAIL?! 😭✌🏻But guess what I learned? That in actuality, those failures are NOT the end of the world…they’re just the beginnings of a new one. PLOT TWIST?! 😱🕺🏼.

It’s way better to live a life where you can say “I can’t believe I did that” than to look back & say “I wish I did that…” Sooo for this coming year, join me on my vibe of living in a world of NO REGRETS. Wear that outfit you wanna wear, post that pic you wanna post, & make that career move you’ve always been dreaming of. Use 2018 to HAVE FUN, regret nothing, and most of all…DON’T let people bring you down in the process! Because in the words of my faveee man @champagnepapi, “You Only Live Once, that’s the motto, freakin #YOLO?” AM I RIGHT? 🍾✨💖