Dressing Down

I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm always playing a game of dress up. Whether at the mall, at work, or hanging out with friends, I feel like I'm always having to put on a layer of  "dress to impress" mode. So when I get the chance to be off the clock and keep it casual, I always head straight for the shelf of comfort. As I've expressed my love and devotion to crop tops and high waisted shorts probably a trillion times, during these hot weathers, to me, the crop tops and high waisted shorts are the simple, most casual, and most comfortable option. With one of my fave "awesome" tops from Urban Outfitters, my go-to shorts from American Apparel, and a Bella Dahl shirt that can dual as a jacket for the summer time, dressing down is my way to go.

Top: Urban Outfitters / Shorts: American Apparel // Jacket: Bella Dahl // Shoes: H&M // Sunglasses: Fairfax Flea Market // Jewelry: Nissa Jewelry (bracelets here and here)