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Glam / Photography: Mayra Lozano

The day has FINALLY arrived--it's VALENTINE'S DAY PEOPLE!!!! And so naturally... I had just HAD to throw myself a party... a very SWEET one that is! Today's last but CERTAINLY not least deliciously yummy Valentine's Day fashion look is inspired by my final favorite SweeTARTS candy --the SweeTARTS Miny Chewy! Because sometimes you need to have the most deliciously chic glasses and headpiece and this look seemed to be calling for just that!

Not only do I love the Mini Chewy candy because it contains two of my most favorite colors in the rainbow spectrum (pink and purple). But I also love how these little miny chewy candies deliver that classic SweeTARTS flavor fusion taste that gives that kick of that tangy flavor in a new and fun way. It's definitely tiny in size, but BIG in taste and they’re free of artificial flavors -- try not having a whole bag in one sitting--I dare you!

I had SO much fun creating this series, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Click below to see the rest of my SweeTARTS fashion shoots from the rest of this month and I hope today you have a VERY SWEET Valentine's Day!

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