Strings And Things

When I was planning my Coach outfits, it goes without saying that the first must-have look I knew I needed to rock one of the days was some version of the hat & fringe. While it may be cliche and totally the most obvious route that all girls try to take (other than the floral headband look), it just had to be done-- giving a homage to the styles of the desert. Obviously, my version of this look had to be in that of a bandeau top since that ended up being my theme for every outfit I wore this past weekend. So then you can thus imagine my excitement when I was able to find that very exact vision alla Urban Outfitters. Throw in some ripped acid washed jean shorts along with these amazing Report buckle booties and you know you're guaranteed to never go wrong in your ventures to fit in as the perfect desert princess.


Hat: Forever 21 // Top: Urban Outfitters // Shorts: Fairfax Flea Market // Shoes: Report // Jewelery: Rosena Sammi (Silver Mesh Bracelet), BCBG Generation (Neon Yellow Bracelet) // StyleQueen (Silver Ring, gold version here) // Viento (Gold Ring)