Office Prep

I should've known that the first hint to my fashionista ways was when I was worrying about trying to figure out what would be appropriate to wear if I worked in a profession where a mandated dress code was required at all times. The thought of wearing collared button downs, blazers, slacks, and loafers or heels on the daily freaked me out. How could I not be able to show my authenticity and differentiation in style and be the individual that I am with my crop tops and headbands if I was supposed to submerse into a land of bland work attire? Lucky for me, I didn't go down that path. Instead, I was able to work in careers in which my style was something that was appreciated. I joke by saying that the wardrobe required in professions like law and medicine were major factors in persuading me to not go down those paths... but let's be real, can you imagine me wearing a white lab coat on the daily? Today's look is to me, what I like to call my "office prep" look. While high-waisted shorts are not typically appropriate business meeting material, if I were to ever come up with a look that to me, would go along the lines of that official business look I was going for, this would be it. With a classic white buttoned collar, one of my favorite high-waisted shorts, and perfect sneaker wedges that tie the whole outfit together, I'd be ready to take on any business meeting, Fashionlaine style.

Photo Credit: Sara Djavaheri

Shirt: H&M // Shorts: American Apparel // Shoes: Forever 21 // Socks: H&M // Jewelery: Gold Cuff (BCBG Generation), Swag Bracelet (BCBG Generation), Gold Connector Ring (BCBG Generation), Turquoise Finger Ring (Forever 21)