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The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall—Nelson Mandela

If you follow my Insta Stories you can easily tell that I’m a HUGE music fan. My daily dancing videos is my fun way of sharing my belief that music is a universal language that connects us together.

A little over a week ago one of my all-time favorite DJs Avicii passed away which has been very hard for me to accept. Not only because he was one of the main people who inspired my love for music, but also because his music specifically is what I {and many of my friends} associate with some of the best memories & happiest times. Yet the irony with his passing is how it was caused by his own personal challenges he dealt with in happiness. Making his death even harder for me to accept since he was MY symbol of happiness.
The reason why I’m so dedicated to these weekly #MondayMotivation posts is because I want to be the possibility of inspiration & aliveness, hoping to make anyone who reads these posts feel like there’s at least one person bringing light to the understanding that we all go through hardships. The words I choose & the topics I write each week are inspired by personal topics I deal with—hoping to turn my own takeaways into lessons others can use as encouragement & motivation.

We all think, especially through social media, that everyone else’s lives are so perfect & we alone deal with struggles. Yet when hearing news like Avicii’s death, seeing those people you’d think have it all feel like they have nothing, we quickly get reminded that everyone deals with hardships.

In life, facing challenges is going to be inevitable. But the importance is to understand that WE have the power to not let these challenges control us and instead push past & have control over them.

I believe we’re never given anything in our lives we can’t handle—no matter how difficult they may seem. So for this week’s post, I want this to be a reminder to not let the problems you face defeat you. Instead, work so hard to find the answers on how to rise ABOVE them cuzzz you can & you WILL. Anyone else with me?!