Tis The Season

When it comes to the holidays, everyone's looking for those one or two (or three) staple pieces they can put into the holiday attire category. I don't know about you, but the month of a December is undoubtedly the most stressful month for me-- so many events, so many outfits... so little time! When I saw this dress in one of my new favorite store obsessions, Shareen, this had "holiday spectacular" written all over it. What I love about the clothes there is that they're not your typical outfits or dresses. They have that little extra touch, giving them a whole new character of their own which is essential for making you stand out as the princess instead of the pauper at whatever party you're at. When I slipped on this dress, I felt like I automatically transformed from ordinary Lainey to having a moment that can only be defined by the amazing outfits of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City.

As December always rolls around, many people reflect on all that has happened in that year's time span *insert cue of 2012 photo slideshow*-- "Can you believe last year at this time we did that?", "I still can't believe I was wearing that!". As we head into the end of the holidays and the beginning of the new year, I always take the time to reflect upon myself about where I was last year and where I want to be this year. To me, calling them "New Year's resolutions" never really works out because I feel like those are time-ticking sensitive issues that need to be resolved asap. Instead I look forward to the new year to set goals for myself-- wishes, dreams and improvements I want to make personally. As December nears to an end, I encourage all of you to take a moment and set some goals (even the craziest ones you think to be impossible!) and strive to achieve them. Many think that not much can happen in a year, but if you set your mind to it, everything can change in a year.

Thank you to all the Fashionlainers for continually showing your love and support, I'm honored to be able to share my Lainey insights with you on the daily. Fashionlaine will be taking a hiatus over this next week to gain some extra holiday inspiration, but will be back and more fabulous than ever on January 2nd, 2013. I encourage you over this next week to find some inspiration of your own while you're on the go, it's everywhere around you if you just take a look.

Have a safe and happy holiday, see you in 2013! xoxo, Lainey


Dress: Shareen // Shoes: Steve Madden