The Yin To My Yang

Some people spend their whole lives trying to find the perfect bestie, their go-to person, the Scary Spice to their Posh Spice, the Yin to their Yang. But I on the other hand was blessed to be born with one. Today's inspiration is an extra special one, as I dedicate today's post to the birthday girl, my sister, Sharona. But you see, my sister isn't just my fashion inspiration (I'm going to totally have to claim and take some of the credit for her fashionista ways), but instead, my sister is my all around inspiration. When we were younger: her favorite color was blue. So that meant my favorite color was blue. Her favorite show was Saved By The Bell. So that meant my favorite show was Saved By The Bell (there's still a debate if Zack Morris was my boyfriend or hers though). Everything she did, I wanted to do too.

My sister has always been my role model, my leader, my guidance counselor, my teacher, my lawyer, my best friend, my everything. When most kids got dropped off on the first day of school and started crying and asking for their mom or dad, I was the one crying and asking for my sister (to the point that the teachers had to go all the way across the playground, interrupt her class, and to then have her running into my class to see what was wrong). While her and I don't look too much alike (the curly versus straight hair always throws people off) and while we may have very different interests (she's apart of Lil Wayne's Young Money Militia while I'm apart of Lady Gaga's Little Monsters), the love we have for one another goes beyond any boundaries or differences. Today is her birthday and mine is on Friday. As we always say in synchronization, "we're a year and three days apart." My birthday is her celebration and her birthday is my celebration, and there's no one else I'd rather share it with.

Top: Asos // Skirt: SYLK // Shoes: Aldo // Belt: H&M // Rings: Forever 21 (double ring, similar here), Vintage (gold ring), Lia Sophia (bracelets)