The Sun Will Come Out

Don't you just wish it was summer already? I remember in September when it was still 100 degrees and beach weather every day, everyone was annoyed that it wasn't cold and didn't feel like an "appropriate" fall or winter. I on the other hand have been the opposite--already really missing the warm weather and summer days. As it has been starting to heat up here and there, I jump at any and every opportunity I can get to take in the summer waves and pull out my shorts, hats and tan at the beach. With February almost pretty much behind us (where has have the days been going??) and with major events catching up to us like Spring Break and Coachella, I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and preparing all the necessities (and my wardrobe) for the return of a full-time sun.

Vest: H&M // Shirt: Crime By Design // Shorts: 7 Jeans for Mankind //  Shoes: H&M // Hat: Forever 21