The Pham Effect

You know those people that you'll just come across on the streets and just automatically want to be their friend because they look and dress really cool? Well today's inspiration doesn't just look the part, she plays the part as well. Hanging with Nicole Pham (or as many like to just simply call her "Pham") is like automatically taking your cool and fashionable factors and levels up ten notches. With an ombre that gives mine a run for my money, piercings that everyone wants but are too afraid to get, and subtle but insanely awesome tattoos that you don't know how you didn't come up with yourself, Nicole is always on her fashionista A-game whether she's trying to be or not. Nicole's style is comfortable but edgy. With an outfit like today's that consists of a simple shirt and shorts, Nicole knows how to pair it up with some showstoppers like this brightly patterned blazer perfect for the spring. Nicole is always in on the latest trends and styles, but yet she strives to be different than the other trend followers, going to different and unique stores to find her purchases so that she doesn't blend in with the crowd. Loving everything from punk to house, music plays a big role in Nicole's life which is easily seen and portrayed into her ensembles, allowing her to perfectly blend into whatever event or place she's in. There's no doubt that Nicole stands out, always giving me and others a lesson or two in the world a fashion and more without even trying. But that's just what I like to call the Pham effect.

Jacket: Fairfax Flea Market // Shirt: O.G.U. // Shorts: O.G.U. // Shoes: Target // Sunglasses: Retrosuperfuture //Jewelry: Luv AJ & Urban Outfitters (rings), H&M (bracelets)