The Hat Factor

Rucker 1 Like yesterday's post with the mixin and matchin, today's post doesn't stray too far away from the inspiration of trying to switch up a typical look. This Calvin Rucker ensemble with the leather crop top and epic tulle type skirt to be honest didn't need much more than that to be a winner of the show or for this look. But I got the inspiration to throw on a hat to make it more funky and hip than just keeping it simply as pretty as it was, and from there, this outfit became a completely new look. Sometimes adding a little extra umph to your ensemble can take you a long way. And by adding a little hat factor to this piece, I think I made myself completely fall in love with this outfit a whole lot more.

Top: Calvin Rucker Skirt: Calvin Rucker Shoes: AMI Clubwear Hat: Love Culture Rings: Danielle Stevens, Viento Bracelets: Deepa Gurnani, Haute Betts