Gangster Chick

Gangster Chick I think the best part about fashion is the fact that it allows you to be whoever you want to be (I'm pretty sure that's why I celebrated Halloween for like a month-- I had a whole month of excuses to dress up and be whoever and whatever!). But on a typical day, if I'm feeling like a boho/hipster-- I just put on a floppy hat and a long dress and call it a day. Feeling like a prepster? I throw on a collared button up and some glasses and I'm good to go. I can always change who I am and express myself through different styles and clothes. And that fully goes with today's fall outfit which I have categorized as my "gangster chick" persona. Feeling like a little rebel with my LA fall beanie, leather vest, and combat boots, I obviously had to add my little Lainey flare with the jewelry and colored patterned pants to make this gangster chick still a Fashionlainer.

Top: American Apparel Pants: DeLacy Vest: Forever 21 Beanie: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Shoes: Bulboxer Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Ring: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Nissa Jewelry 

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