Painting The Town

Making some major changes and readjustments as I mentioned last week, obviously the first thing that this would call for would be a paint job.  Redoing a whole space and converting it into my future Fashionlaine headquarters (you can check out some sneak peek pics on my Instagram @lainey__g), I made a casual Sunday into a trip to the paint store. Feeling like I was back in art class and going through a lesson of primary colors and the color wheel, I sifted through different palettes (from a golden Manilla Tint to an aqua Mint Majesty) to figure out what colors would suit me, my style, and my future new digs the best. Clearly getting into the spirit and theme of things with my outfit, nothing says getting painting done much like these Modern Lux floral overalls, TOMS tie up shoes, and a casual weekend turban.

Overalls: Modern Lux // Top: American Apparel // Shoes: TOMS // Purse: H&M // Headband: Created by me // Jewelry: BCBGeneration (Boss bracelet) , Forever 21 (Studded bracelets), Forever 21 (finger ring)

LA State of Mind

No matter where I travel to or what city I'm in, as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz always likes to say "there's no place like home"... or in this case, LA. Born and raised here my whole life, I'm always fascinated by seeing other cities and learning about different cultures and ways of living. But only in LA will you have 3 other photo shoots going on side by side with bathing suit models to your left and other fashion bloggers to your right, trying to get the perfect lighting, area, and accessories all in check. And I think only in LA can an outfit like this fly and be accepted--with crazy patterned MC Hammer-esque pants, a cut out shirt, turban headband and combat boots... not too many people or places would fully understand my realm of fashion. But as they say, you can take the girl outta LA, but you can't take LA outta the girl.

Top: H&M (with some altercations by me) // Pants: Israel // Shoes: Bulboxer // Belt: H&M //Headband: Handmade