What To Pack: Travel Essentials

travel packing list
travel packing list

Summer is meant for a time of travel-- to take away from real life and to step into a minute of vaykay and (hopefully) bask in the wonderful sun so that you can come back home with that amazing tan we all long for. Next week I embark on my own little getaway which I haven't done for almost two years (more details of that to come next week). And while I've been getting all my travel details and logistics ready for my big trip, it always seems to me that the most stressful part of it all is figuring out exactly what to pack. While I will be trying to play Houdini next week and attempting to magically stuff my whole closet into a small suitcase, if there is one thing I do know, it's that there are a few necessary items that I definitely won't be able to live without on this trip. Therefore, today I'm sharing with you my top 7 essential pieces to which I think everyone needs to incorporate on their travels this summer no matter what.

1) Who needs those "pre-historic" digital cameras that we so lived off of like three years ago now that we have cell phones and Instagram, right? #InstantUploads! Alas, there is something special about being able to take pictures on an actual camera and capturing photos on the go with more spontaneity. Yes, I'm speaking of the Polaroidcameras my generation grew up on. There's just something about taking a picture (and not re-doing it 50 million times because you can) and having an instant takeaway from it. Having little snippets of your memories and travel on the go is such a must to me as an essential and fun way to capture your memories and trip and so this summer, I highly recommend everyone re-taking advantage of this opportunity.

2) When I think tanning, beaches, and getaways, I instantly envision there being a big floppy hat to go with it. If there's any time for it to be ok to be bougie and #Fancy as Iggy Azalea has made the anthem for this summer, it is of the now. And a big hat like this Coal one is a must.

3) When traveling on planes, it's essential to travel in style. And nothing screams style more than these Frends headphones. Cute, different, and overall beyond fun in multiple colors, these headphones will keep you surviving your long plane rides in flying colors (pun intended).

4) Obviously one has to pack probably as many shoes as clothes when going on a trip. Yet, when I think summer vacations and getaways, there's one shoe style above all that's essential-- the gladiator. Tall, short, metallic, or solid, Steve Madden is my go-to for the best ones, keeping your feet on-trend even when you're halfway across the globe.

5) When traveling abroad, it's important to have a bag with you that will carry all of your essentials (and I'm sure there will be a lot of things you need to carry on the go). So for me, the most logical bag to have would be a backpack or a big travel tote for the beach days. And of course, who wants a lame-o and nerdy backpack to carry around with? You clearly have to go with the most stylish-- and that's where Herschel comes right in. With loads of fun different colors and patterns, there's sure to be the perfect bag for everyone.

6) You always bring those must-have/ go-to products like lotion, sunscreen, face wipes, lip balm, and etc on your trips. And lately for me, I've been super getting into Jessica Alba's Honest Company products for all these things and more. Coming in the most ideal travel kit sizes, these will be the perfect add-ons to throw in your suitcase (without getting stopped by security for it).

7) Last but certainly not least, the sunglasses. There are 1,000 of brands that you can easily love and obsess over, but for me, my latest and greatest obsession has been with Seneca Eyewear. Just recently launched about a month or two back, these babies are not only great quality, style, and fit, but are already being loved by your fave celebs and bloggers.

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