Never Too Much Neon

Soo excited that neon season is finally back! My usual crop top and high waisted shorts combo never comes to a fail during this beautiful season and this ripped low to high tee is no exception. Throwing together a fun weekend look that's perfect for hanging with your friends, I threw together some of my favorite accessories of the moment including this Rosena Sammi mesh bracelet that I die for and a pair of sunnies from one of my favorite new lines, Ivory Mason, that I am wearing now all the time. I've always been a fan of Habitual but since I'm not typically a jean wearing girl, I've never really had too many opportunities to rock the brand. But these high-waisted grey jean shorts are one of my all-time favorites. When I was thinking of what shoes to end off the outfit with, I was going through my sandals and flats. But then I came across these Nike dunks that were stowed far away in my closet, not having seen the light of day for probably five years. But obviously the neon in the sneaks spoke to me, and when I put it together with the whole look, I new the neon ensemble was complete.

Shirt: Fairfax Flea Market // Shorts: Habitual // Shoes: Nike // Sunglasses: Ivory Mason // Jewelry: Silver Necklace (H&M), BOSS Bracelet (BCBG Generation), Mesh Bracelet (Rosena Sammi), Cuff Ring (BCBG Generation)

Sweet On The Eyes

Obsessed? That's kind of an understatement. Whether checking out my Instagram, siftng through Harper's Bazaar Coachella Street Style roundup, or following Song of Style's blog, these amazing bejeweled accessories have been popping up everywhere. When I think about the perfect sunglasses that go deep into my floral loving roots and that can get me through this spring and summer, these colorful sunnies do just that. As people have noted them to me as looking at "cake icing", that's exactly what this line dubbed Sweet On The Eyes successfully emulates. When I first came across the line and creator Joey Amron at Coachella, it was probably the first time at the festival that I got completely swept away and overwhelmed with some sort of fashion there. I knew right then and there that I needed to immediately be apart of this sunglass movement. What I love about my must-haves is being able to introduce and share with my Fashionlainers the amazing styles and brands that I come across. And whether you're a hipster, a swagster, a rockstar, or more, these fun feel colors, styles and innovative designs from Sweet On The Eyes looks good on every fashionsita. Looking at the pics and line, these sunnies need no selling, they do all the talking for themselves. And that's why these babies are today's must-have accessory.

Photo Credit: Sweet On The Eyes, Song of Style

(500) Days of Summer (Skirts)

It seems to me like the skirt phase will never fade. I remember last summer when these long skirts were just happening and getting super popular, I was tempted to buy all the colors that American Apparel had to offer, but decided to simmer down and test out the style with only a few standard colors. Not originally a long wearing skirt type, I wasn't sure that the skirts would completely come together with my typical daily look. Now, a year later, as I sift through my closet trying to put outfits together for either a casual day or a dressy night, it seems like everything I want to mix and match together involves a vision that has to include a long skirt. I've come to see that these babies have endless possibilities. Whether you want to pair them down with sandals and sunnies or heels and a Tory Burch purse, these once not so versatile pieces (or so I thought), have been becoming the most versatile pieces I own. And that will come in handy for one's upcoming (500) days of summer.

Shirt: Forever 21 // Skirt: Melrose // Shoes: Urban Outfitters// Purse: H&M// Sunglasses: Fairfax Flea Market // Necklace: H&M // Bracelet: Forever 21