Kisses From The Hills

Beverly Hills 1
Beverly Hills 1


One of my all-time favorite places in LA is Beverly Hills. No matter how many times I walk around Rodeo Drive, grab lunch at my fave restaurants on Beverly or Canon Drive, or do a quick little Sprinkles run in between, I don't think I can ever get sick of Beverly Hills. Being on the constant go this summer, I never really had a chance to soak in my time in Los Angeles and have that LA kind of summer that I always love to partake in. Of course, my travels were so much fun and so great, getting to go everywhere from New York to Chicago to San Antonio. But I must say, it's been nice to get readjusted and accustomed to hanging out and going back to some of the places I love most. Always in awe of these Hills, it's clearly no wonder Weezer made a whole anthem around it.

Beverly Hills 2
Beverly Hills 2
Beverly Hills 3
Beverly Hills 3

Top: Gypsy 05 (similar here) // Shorts: Vintage // Shoes: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Purse: Urban Outfitters // Jewelry: House of Harlow (necklace), Nissa Jewelry (gold chain bracelet, rose gold cuff, gold ring), Viento (snake bangle bracelet), Lulu Dharma  (maroon wrap bracelet) // Sunglasses: Forever 21

Viva Las Vegas

Today's post is from my trip to Vegas over the summer (I can't believe I'm saying summer in the past tense already!). It's only suiting that this shoot happened in front of these two hotels, because out of all there is on the strip, Wynn and Encore always steal my heart. The weather was pretty nice, definitely hot as a Vegas summer should be, but perfect for getting my tan on. It's so funny because every time I go to Vegas, it's to celebrate a birthday or a major holiday weekend-- always on the hustle and bustle of the best lineups of DJs. But this was my first time and trip experiencing Vegas on a more leisure level on a casual week-- itinerary included simply going to nice restaurants and lounging around by the pool. I think it's time for me to do a proper Vegas visit again soon enough (definitelyy when Britney's residency starts!).

Las Vegas Fashion 1

Las Vegas Fashion 2

Las Vegas Fashion 3

Vest: Vintage (similar here) // Top: American Apparel // Shorts: American Apparel (similar here) // Sneakers: Forever 21 (similar here) // Hat: H&M (similar here) // Jewelry: BCBGeneration (affirmation bracelets), Nissa Jewelry (gold double ring), Forever 21 (silver finger ring) // Sunglasses: Flea Market (similar here) // Nails: Scratch It

A Million Faces

What I love about having a fashion blog and sharing my outfits with you guys is being able to show off the different crazy combos that I come up with. If someone every told you that they could make a purple and mint bird romper work with studded sneaker wedges and knee high socks rolled down to ankle length would you ever believe them? I wouldn't either. Yet somehow... it kinda crazily works. My outfits and style are always super diverse. I love going from everything from the ultimate boho hipster with long skirts and floppy hats to channeling my inner hood with beanies, Jordans and thick gold chains. Yet through it all, no matter which way I work my look, I believe that my outfits always define my same cohesive style and taste. So it's suiting that the backdrop of this wall is of a million faces, because I feel like it's symbolical of me and my style. Whether I'm a swagged out mama with my studded mint green sneaks and sunnies or being one with the wild in floral headbands and crop tops, I'm always me.

Romper: Vintage // Shoes: AMI Clubwear // Socks: American Apparel (similar here) // Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here) // Jewelry: BCBGeneration (bracelets), Viento (ring)