Hat Hipster

What I love about fashion is that you can play around with it however you want and whenever you want. Two things that I have always cancelled out as parts of my look and style are hats and sneakers. All of my life, I had a mentality that I would not be caught dead wearing either in public-- hats were only to be used to shield me from the blinding sun if I was somewhere really warm and sneakers were only to be seen if I went to the gym. But lately, I have fallen in love with the both of them. These sneaker wedges are my absolute favorites for this season, loving the fact that they're not the typical sneaker look or style. From Aldo to Jeffrey Campbell, everywhere you look has their version of these sneaks. And just within the past few weeks, I've also had a sudden change of heart with hats, wanting to constantly incorporate them into my looks as well. I used to have this mentality that girls couldn't really pull off hats without looking dorky, but ones like this Crime By Design version are changing the game and my view of the trend altogether. With a cap size that fits perfectly on the head and a rim that goes out flat instead of bent in, this hat alongside my sneaker wedges allow me to incorporate new styles while trucking along in my hipster ways.

 Sweater: H&M // Leggings: H&M (similar here) // Shoes: Forever 21 // Hat: Crime By Design // Rings: Lia Sophia