A LUXE Performance

Curved, A, or an actual seven, these famous back pockets that we’ve grown to fawn over and completely love, make up the beloved and iconic 7 For All Mankind brand. Last Thursday I visited the 7 For All Mankind store in Santa Monica at the Santa Monica Place to help celebrate the launch of their LUXE Performance men’s jeans along with NYLON Guys magazine. The new LUXE Performance line aka 7's best engineered men's jean yet  is set to create a long lasting fit and luxe feel, giving guys the ability to retain the exact shape and feel in their jeans no matter how long or frequently they wear them for. Genius if you ask me.

With the sounds of the beautiful DJ Caroline D’Amore playing in the background and stylish fashionistas all around taking their pick on what their favorite pieces were in the store, what was originally a harmless celebration for me became practically a danger zone, with me almost buying out the whole store. As I was shopping around and checking out all the different pieces, one of my favorite discoveries in the store was coming across the Second Skin Slim Illusion jeans. The elastic denim material (resulting in always being an automatic given favorite of mine) mixed in with the high-tech Slim Illusion technology which is set to make you appear a whole size smaller than you are, these babies defined “love at first sight” for me—creating such a must-have for the fall. With the dreamy Keegan Allen from my fave show “Pretty Little Liars” (who is A?!?) in toe wearing his own LUXE Performance denims, this night was nothing short of a shopping perfection.

Photo Credit: Liz Bretz