Packing For Coachella With Kohl's

coachella street style
coachella street style

I think for as long as man has existed, April has been associated with one season, and one season only-- Spring.  But now that we're in the 21st Century, I think it's safe to say that Spring has taken a backseat to the more important season amongst us-- COACHELLA.

Back in the day, Coachella used to be this super indie festival somewhere deep in the deserts of Palm Springs where people would venture to love life and be one in an intimate setting with their favorite musicians. But now, Coachella has become so popular that it needs TWO weekends for itself! And where camping may have used to been all the rage-- it's now of course, the who's who and who's wearing what of probably all the events that take place within the year. And for someone like myself who's all about fully planning outfits way ahead of time (and dare not even thinking of outfit repeating for the three day festivities), you got to come up with a  good gameplan of what to wear each day while aiming not to burn a hole in your bank account. And luckily, that's where I come in with the perfect Coachella survival guide with my top picks from Kohl's of what you need to pack this year to make your #outfitoftheday worthy to hit all of the Best Dressed lists for 2015!

1.)Mudd, $34.99: For me, it's ALL about being comfy. Dancing from one tent to another or hopping from one party to another will involve a lot of fancy footwork in the desert all day long that anything but comfy shoes will have you feeling regret in less than a hour (trust!). So for me, the perfect go-to shoe are sandals like these cute navajo printed ones that have "music festival" written all over them!

2) Apt 9, $26.60: For the girl who has lived and breathed headbands for a strong latter part of her life, this year I'm all about the hats! Every girl is going to be wearing the cliche floral headbands so why not switch it up and be the hat trendsetter of the year? And woven floppy straw hats to me scream "hand me an iced drink, fan, and some good music please".

3) Candie's, $39.99:Festival chic means having the cutest (and most convenient) bag for your weekend's adventures wherever you go, and one that will fit all of your life's essentials for the day since you'll be gone for hours at a time. I used to think the backpack days were sooo behind us once I went from middle school to high school, but on the contrary, what I've come to quickly learn is that the days of the backpacks are just now gaining their momentum and appreciation they deserve!

4) SO, $6.99: When one thinks music festivals, they think crop tops, right? The perfect thing to pair with any type of look you're going for, what I love about this specific crop top though is that it's only $6.99 (say what?!), so you can buy one of each color and still have some left over for your next music festival adventure!

5) Mudd, $21.99: I love me so cute high waisted shorts when I see them, and these pastel lace ones are perfect for the occasion. Pairing it with your newly bought crop top and some comfy sandals seem like the most heavenly pair to me.

6) Mudd, $11.70:Of course, your outfit wouldn't be complete without a little bling. The balance between dainty and bold statement pieces may be hard to find sometimes, but when I saw this necklace, I instantly fell in love right away, feeling like we found the most perfect statement for your festival game.

7) Unionbay, $28:Last (but certainly not least), your sunglass game! Everyone needs the perfect pair for these upcoming hot sunny days for me, and for me, its all about the circular cat eye look that's been lately taking over. And these are only $28?! #SuchASteal

And there you have it! All that you need to know (and pack) for your adventures in the desert! Stay hydrated, dress cute, and don't forget to take a lot of pictures!

*Note: I have teamed up with Kohl's to create this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own * Prices are subject to when I posted them