Colors Of The Wind

This final Sundance outfit was inspired by my interest of pulling in colors. It's so easy to get sucked into the same greys, blues, and blacks to takeover your winter outfit, but I was determined to mix it up and bring some color into this wintery town and wonderful area of Main Street. My "navajo" jacket as I call it was my starting point. When I first purchased this, I thought the pattern was super out there and difficult to work with, but it has turned out to be my ultimate go-to winter jacket to keep me warm yet stylish all at the same time. From there, my newly purchased ruby red turban alongside by red leg warmers were able to perfectly tie it all in together and bring out the red in my jacket. Of course, the last decision was left to the pants. I had brought so many options (naturally) and was extremely close to pulling out the typical and standard blacks. But then I decided to switch it up completely and go with my favorite bright hot purple leggings (... I'm pretty sure I was probably the only one in that whole city that wore leggings as actual forms of pants... but have no fear I doubled up in layers). While I was extremely nervous about my attempts to formulate a color-filled outfit with some unique and out-there colors, I have to say that this probably ended up being one of my all-time favorite winter looks of the week.

Jacket: Forever 21 // Shirt: Zara // Leggings: LNA // Leg Warmers: American Apparel // Boots: Big 5 // Headband: Etsy