Go Scratch It

DIY Nail Art Today's must-have has to do with one of my fave topics-- nail art. Nail art is one of the most simple yet fun ways to show a whole lotta personality and style in such a confined and minimal portion of your body. When I went to Vegas in August for the MAGIC convention, I came across this beyond nail art vendor called Scratch that practically flipped my world upside down. Florals in different shapes and colors you want? You can have. Watermelons that look so good that you want to eat off your nails? Yup, you can have that too. How about the impossible-- Despicable Me Minions on each finger? Don't worry, they're one step ahead of you and have that handled as well.

Scratch was born from the simple idea of loving nail art as much as we do. But the difference with them is that unlike the same, old, and boring nail wrap designs you find in drugstores, Scratch wanted to make things that were cool, different, fun and unique. They believed that if they could create something that promotes and creates creativity and connecting talented artists with their communities, they could make something bigger than just being another nail wrap company. So what Scratch does every month is team up with some of the most talented artists, designers, and bloggers to create new, fun and different collections and designs. Once that collection goes up every month, you have the chance to buy it before it sells out. And once it's gone, it's gone! Creating a fanbase and urgency to be one of the few cool and connected with this super exclusive design, Scratch achieves the ability for you to stand out against your nail loving colleagues. With the super affordable price of just $12 per design, these babies will get people talking as soon as they lay eyes on your nails.

But for those of you who have never done nail stickers before, I always hear "ugh, but it seems so difficult. I'd rather just get my nails painted." Well Fashionlainers, in fact, it's actually not that difficult at all! Using last month's featured artist, I show below the 7 simple steps you need to take to be your own DIY nail art extraordinaire. And if you haven't you haven't checked out this month's featured artist, let me tell you, you will die instantly because I am. Get it before they're all sold out!

DIY Nail Art Step 1

Choose a nail design!

Probably the hardest part of this whole thing will be deciding which of the cute designs you want to go with for your look. I loved them all so much that I was about to go with all three of them!

Scratch Step 2

Peel the front side off

Once you decide which look you want to go with (I decided on the florals for this time around), you start off by peeling away!

Scratch Step 3

Gotta peel the back side too!

There are two sides that need to be peeled off in order to start going, so don't forget to peel the front AND back stickers off.

Scratch Step 4

Place sticker on appropriate nail

Each sticker is created with the idea that it is approximately supposed to fit a certain nail. So as you're peeling away and getting ready to place, know which finger you think it would be perfect for placing.

Scratch Step 5

Use the stick!

Once you've placed the sticker, use the wooden stick that's given to you with the package to mold the sticker to your nail; this will help you adjust/trim the design with your stick to make the perfect nail fit.

Scratch Step 6

File away 

I like to use a nail file to help me with trimming and perfecting the sticker, so grab a nail file if you have and start filing off the excess.

Scratch Step 7

Top it off

Once your nails are all done, go back with your fave top coat (mine's Seche Vite) and cover your masterpieces up as if you would with any other of your fave nail creations.

Scratch Final

And... voila! You're done! How simple was that?

Let's Have A Fun Day

When I think of cartoon monkeys, there are two that automatically come to mind-- Curious George & Paul Frank's Julius the Monkey. And seeing that I don't think Curious George is going to come out with a fashion line any time soon, I can confidently say that Julius is the most fashionable monkey I know. And so when I was on my way to the revealing of  Paul Frank's 2013 Summer Collection yesterday, I got excited imagining all the possibilities of neon and fun patterns that were going to be in my near future. I think every girl can without a doubt say that they've had a special connection to Julius and Paul Frank at one point or another in their lives, with testaments and endless talks about how their wardrobe and accessories consisted of Paul Frank everything.  There's just something about the fun, carefree, and stylish brand that resonates with everyone, no matter what your style is.

The theme for the event last night was "Let's Have A Fun Day"-- and I can undoubtedly say that everything about the event lived up to the theme. With everyone decked out in some form of Paul Frank clothing or accessories, and with beach towels, bathing suits, and sunglasses every where you turned, you forgot about the crazy winds that were taking over LA just outside and you were completely entranced and sucked into this Paul Frank summer beach-esque world that was created for us. With photobooths, hair braiding stations, and my absolute favorite, PAUL FRANK STICKER MANICURES (which has now officially finalized me to being absolutely Coachella ready!), there was never a dull moment in sight. But probably the biggest highlight of them all was talking to the winner of Paul Frank's Role Model contest, Jordan Conrad. Poise, sweet, beautiful, and stylish, I within seconds quickly saw what Paul Frank saw in her, being a natural role model not only for the brand but for many girls around the world. I caught up with Jordan and talked some fashion with her below:

Fashionlaine: How did you become the official Paul Frank "Role Model"? Jordan Conrad: I submitted an essay of myself along with two photos. I was then contacted by Paul Frank and had to do an interview over Skype because they had narrowed it down to five girls. And then they came back and told me after that that I had won because they felt like I represented the happy and fun brand.

FL: How has it been being the face of the Paul Frank Summer'13 collection? What are some cool things you have done? JC: It's been amazing! I got to go to Los Angeles for the photoshoot which was my first time, I've never been to California! And I've never modeled either, so that was also my first time for that. Then I got to go to New York City to tour the Teen Vogue office and meet all the people there and be featured in Teen Vogue. And since then, I've just been posted everywhere, including this event here! It's really weird seeing my face everywhere. FL: What do you love about Paul Frank? JC: I just like the happy and colorful things about the brand. It's really for any age, and I like that when I'm older I'll still be able to wear it.

FL: What's your favorite part about the Summer'13 collection? JC: I like a lot of the swimsuits, they're really colorful so I'll be wearing a lot of those!

FL: Fashionlaine is all about inspirations and role models. Being that you're the Paul Frank role model, who are your real life role models and inspirations? JC: I have to say that my mom is my role model because she's really compassionate and caring, and she does things for other people which is what I like to do, and I like to follow in her footsteps.

FL: What are some fun pieces and trends you're excited to incorporate into your spring/ summer wardrobe? JC: I like the bohemian style because it's really laid back and that's kind of what Paul Frank is too--it's a very laid back style. So I can incorporate both of those into my own look.

As Jordan said it best, I think the reason why Paul Frank is still the beloved brand that it is today is because of its capability to make everyone of all ages, both guys and girls, fall in love over and over again. I left that event not only ready for it to be full summer mode, but excited for this new summer collection and figuring out ways in which I can incorporate my cute stylish friend Julius into my everyday ensembles.  And the first step with that has been with my new Paul Frank nails... and let me just say, I've had this manicure for less than 24 hours and Julius is already a hit

Behind The Lens

With every great model comes a great photographer; someone who sees the beauty the way you do, has a vision like you do, and understands the importance of detail, colors, and lighting. Today's inspiration is a unique one for me as this is the first time the roles are being reversed and Sara is for once being MY model, stepping away from behind the camera and taking the spotlight in front. Working backstage at some of the biggest and best events and runways during New York Fashion Week, Sara is already making a name for herself both as a photographer and in the fashion world. With every blog post I create and every shoot I take, I pay homage to Sara, remembering just a few years ago when she was my very first fashion photographer and when our simple hangout sessions would turn into photo shoot sessions--coming up with concepts, outfits, themes and stylings to fulfill every shot and look. And what's best about Sara's aspirations to being an elitist fashion photographer? She has an amazing style of her own. Simple yet sophisticated, fashionable yet to the point, Sara knows how to put outfits together to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in real life and in pictures. Loving to tell stories with every shoot, outfit, theme, lighting, and trend, Sara's story is never-ending, her pictures are always stunning, and vision always breathtaking. Believing in your dreams and following the path you know you belong in is what I'm all about and always wholeheartedly preach. Seeing Sara going against the grain and doing what she loves is not just an inspiration to me, but should be so to many. And soon enough, I'll be having to take a number because every great model will be coming up to Sara asking her to make hangout sessions to photo shoot sessions.

Top Shirt: Forever 21// Under Shirt: Zara // Skirt: Zara (similar here) // Shoes: H&M // Hat: H&M // Jewelry: Marc Jacobs (necklaces), Marc Jacobs (watch), Marc Jacobs (heart ring), Israel (diamond ring) Los Angeles (single gold rings), Marc Jacobs, Brand Melville (bracelets)