Fashionlaine Friday: Crazy For Britney

britney spears vegas residency I've been a long time Britney Spears fan ever since she came out doing a shimmy and wearing a plaid skirt and knee high socks in her "...Baby One More Time" music video. And from there... it was kinda history. The face of music, performing, and pop stars had a whole new meaning after that and Britney was the one leading the way. As an extreme concert enthusiast, I had been to three of Britney's previous concert tours "Oops!... I Did It Again", "The Onyx Hotel" and "Circus". So obviously when I was out in Vegas this week, I knew that there was absolutely no way that I could miss Britney's latest and greatest "Piece of Me" Vegas residency. The show was filled with every club banger and Britney favorite that we've been singing along to for years. And while her dancing can safely be said to be nothing as to what it used to be, all of her amazing hits after hits definitely gave me Britney nostalgia and a reminiscence on my childhood and the prime of Britney's era. There were so many great moments in the show and amazing songs I was so excited to hear once again, but what is my all-time fave Britney video or song you may ask? Well... I remember back in the day on MTV they had three of my favorite shows: TRL, Diary, and Making The Video. With every great new singer, you wonder if they're going to last, if they'll have enough steam and enough great hits to make it through to actual stardom or if they'll be left behind as one-hit-wonders. Well, I distinctly remember watching the Making The Video of Britney's second single "Crazy" (ft Adrian Grenier and Melissa Joan Hart). Mesmerized by the song, epic dance moves, and her amazing crimped/curled hair and super cute green crop top, from that moment on, I was convinced Britney was here to stay.