Day Off

Heading into Memorial Day, there's nothing like taking advantage of the three day weekend by doing nothing but... hanging. And there's no more perfect way to do that than by getting comfy in your fave apparel. For me, that includes throwing on some Jordans (shoes and shirt turned tank) and a cute pair of denim shorts by J+CO. Getting ready for the beach and calm times ahead, one can't help but still be stylish while having some days off.

Photo Credit: Heather Gildroy

Shirt: Jordan Brand // Shorts: J+ CO // Shoes: Jordan Brand // Bracelets: Nissa Jewelry (here & here)

Denim Dahl

For those who follow me on Instagram (@Lainey__G), you may have been seeing my little obsession I've had going on with these denim tops I've been wearing from Bella Dahl. What happens to me when I get something new and like it a lot is that it quickly becomes my obsession and I act as if I have no other shirts in my closet, wearing it pretty much to death. Now I see why celebs like Selena Gomez and Tay Swift are always spotted wearing the brand, it's because unlike other demins and tops, Bella Dahl is uber light, smooth, and flowy. When I was on the go last week in New Orleans running around doing a million errands during the day, I didn't want to wear something that would make me feel boggled down and heavy, so these demin shirts were practically my savior. Leaving them open with a shirt underneath or buttoning them up and busting the new trend of tucking one side in and leaving one side out, these shirts are versatile for everything. My outfit today was inspired by an All American look, doing a little denim on denim. I never ever wear jeans, so the pants I'm wearing are super deceiving since in actuality, they're this uber stretchy material, creating the perfect combination and middle ground between jeans and leggings. My amazing and beyond comfortable red and gold studded ankle boots complete the outfit, bringing out the color and snazz into today's ensemble.

Shirt: Bella Dahl // Jeans: USA 12 // Shoes: Forever 21 // Necklace: Lia Sophia // Rings: Forever 21 (turquoise finger ring), Forever 21 (silver finger ring) // Bracelets: Lia Sophia (red/gold bracelet), New York (gold bangle)

The Unexpected Prep

While many mistakenly take his name and super friendly and welcoming attitude/demeanor as someone from the South, my inspiration of the day, Brooks, comes straight from Phoenix, Arizona. What drew me to Brooks' style was how clean and well put together his outfits were every single time. Brooks' look is preppy, but trendy, combining your iconic and classic button down and blazer with a twist. With a casual yet classy style that can easily be compared to the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Brooks strives to take the prep look to new levels, putting in unexpected pieces into his everyday ensembles. Working in the entertainment industry, Brooks loves being surrounded by people who take the typical suit look and add their own flare to it, appreciating and welcoming diversity and individuality. Stepping outside the box and adding in some not-so-typical plaid shirts or Sperrys to the mix, Hollywood better watch out because Brooks is coming in and changing the game.

Jacket: John Varvatos // Shirt: 1901 // Pants: Joe's Jeans // Shoes: Sperrys // Watch: Diesel // Ring: Family's Crest