The Music Lover

Today's inspiration is a girl whose style and grace is one that is undebatable. With an exotic blend of an Indonesian and Parisian background, Laetitia's fab ways and stunning beauty makes her easily stand out from the crowd. A lover of thrift shops and a good grungey style and look, Laetitia likes to strive to be unique with her ensembles, yet letting the seasons and what's around her lead the way of determining her outfits of the day. A huge lover of music, what's interesting about Laetitia's style is that the soundtracks of her day are what influence what she wears-- a little alternative music for a grungey take, a little top 40 for a more airy look, and so forth. Inspired by the likes of Alice Glass from Crystal Castles who she loves for her bold styles and attitude and by Kaya Scodelario from Skins for her classic beauty and even better personality, these women clearly run the show having their looks and ensembles become statements and representations for who they are, accentuating their personalities instead of any other way. And that's the same with Laetitia. Inspired a lot by her older sis's style and clothing, I guess we can say, the good fashionista tastes just run in the fam.