Collar Fresh

jcpenney Today's must-have is dedicated to an item I've been obsessed with for quite some time now-- collared shirts. Long sleeve, short sleeve, embellished, or crop top, these babies have been making a huge comeback this past year with a million and one different takes to the age-old style.

As you all know, I'm all about finding amazing deals and brands. So when I heard that jcpenney, who's now leading the way in making exciting and cool collaborations with some of the best designers was going to be doing a line with Joe Fresh, you can only imagine my excitement, especially when finding out that pastel themed collared shirts were apart of the collection. Simple and sleek, fun and perfect for the spring, these tops were just what my closet was missing for the new season. I have heard some say things like "collared shirts are not for me" or "I can't pull them off". But on the contrary Fashionlainers, whether you're a prepster, hipster, or rockstar, as I always say, it's not about what the style is but about how you wear the style that makes all the difference. With a little help and inspiration from jcpenney & Joe Fresh, below are three simple ways in which you too can easily look collar fresh.


When most people think of button downs and collars, they automatically head straight to envisioning being formal, official, and business-like. So the "business prep" look is the easiest and most obvious route one can go to putting an ensemble together. Finalizing the look and making it your own with fun accessories like a neon necklace alongside pretty colors and shades like this lavender makes you for being the coolest prep in town.

Shirt: Joe Fresh at jcp // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Aldo // Necklace: Ann Taylor // Glasses: Warby Parker


Have no fear hipsters, the button downs have got you covered too. Pull out one of your over-the-knee socks, throw on a pair of your favorite high waisted shorts, and top it off with the ultimate go-to boho chic hat to create the perfect look that stays true to your hipster ways.

Shirt: Joe Fresh at jcp // Shorts: American Apparel // Socks: American Apparel // Shoes: Converse // Hat: H&M // Bracelets: Lia Sophia, Forever 21


Ear cuff, finger ring, leather skirt, and heels--there's no more perfect ensemble for a night out. Adding some red lipstick into the mix on top of the half in-half out tucked shirt look that's all the rage right now, no one from a mile away can mistake you and your inner and outer rockstar.

Shirt: Joe Fresh at jcp // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: Forever 21 // Earring: H&M// Necklace: Guess //Ring: Forever 21

Can't get enough? Lucky for us LA'ers, there's going to be an exclusive Joe Fresh at jcp pop up this Friday-Sunday on Melrose with your chance to be first at the new line along with some cool additions including a DJ, manicures, photo booth, and more. My attendance there is a no-brainer, but which collared look will I be rocking? I guess you'll just have to come down to find out....

joe fresh

Fashion Pilgrimage

The best part about dressing up is adding your own spin to it. This floral ensemble (or the "pilgrim dress" as I have dubbed it) is yet another one of the Lainey creations that I had altered and made. Finding this dress originally sweeping all the way down to the floor at a vintage store on Melrose, it quickly caught my eye. Taking some getting used to and a bunch of imagination, the bright floral colors and perfect white collar gave this dress so much potential. I felt like I was saving a puppy from a pound, or in this case an amazing dress from hanging in a vintage store for any longer, but all in all I knew it was an injustice to the fashion society if I left the store without taking care of this dress. And that I did. Altering the length and making it more Lainey, today's outfit is dedicated to taking turns and chances in your wardrobe, wherever and whatever those pieces may be, and creating your own fashion pilgrimage.

Dress: Vintage // Shoes: Steve Madden // Glasses: Warby Parker // Bracelet-Ring: Handmade

The Trendsetter

This week's inspiration is none other than one of my recent male fashion inspirations. I call Aaron the "trendsetter" because he is one of few guys I have met who loves all fashion and trends and likes to raise the bar with his ensembles. He loves experimenting with the latest styles, whatever that may be, not afraid of seeing how it turns out. With the touch of a beanie hat, Ray-Ban glasses, and a Michael Kors watch, accessorizing is a must for him and his outfits. Spending time with Aaron, you can see the acute vision he has for a look, a style, or a trend that he is going for and will do what he needs to to make that vision become a reality. Aaron loves getting inspiration from the people around him and taking bits and pieces from everyone's style and make a new one of his own. Caring more about looks than comfort, skinny jeans will always beat the baggy, and on a day like this where the weather was blistering cold, a v-neck was all that was needed to survive... all in the name of fashion!

Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // V-Neck: H&M // Jeans: H&M// Shoes: J. Crew // Beanie: H&M// Glasses: Ray-Ban // Watch: Michael Kors