DIY: Conversation Heart Nails

diy valentine's day nails I'm clearly always really into getting into the theme of things and holidays and so that obviously also goes along with doing my nails. And what a more fun holiday to be nail creative with than that of Valentine's Day? Typically I may have gone for a fun color switch up and design involving reds, whites, and pinks... while obviously throwing in some heart nail art into the mix. But this year, I decided to go full throttle and completely switch up the game with these Conversation Heart nails! Super simple, fast, and something you can add your own little spin to, if your VDay nails aren't done yet (or if they are and you want to switch up the game), give these a shot!

diy valentine's day nails

Step 1: I always go for the essential of adding a bottom base coat to keep the nail polish sturdy. I use Bonder by Orly but you can go for anything.

diy valentine's day nails

Step 2: Determine what colors you want to use for your nails. I alternated nail colors per nail to give it that Conversation Heart feel. Make sure the colors are pastels like the hearts, but if you find yourself with no pastels in your nail polish collection, you can mix the brighter/ darker colors with a white polish to make it pastel.

diy valentine's day nails

Step 3: There are different ways to go about how you want to get the writing on your nails, but the easiest way is with a Sharpie so grab a thin fine pointed red pen Sharpie for your writing. **But note, wait a couple hours (honestly anywhere from like 5 or 6  even up to full day) before you start applying the Sharpie onto your nails so that the nail surface is fully smooth, easy to write on, and dry.

diy valentine's day nails

Step 5: Start writing out your different sayings on each finger. And unless you're an awesome ambidextrous, I'd recommend getting a friend with neat writing to help you write out the sayings so that all the type looks the same and uniform on each finger.

Hearts 8

Step 6: Let the beautiful Sharpie print creations sit and hang for a few (to be on the safe side, let it be for like one to two hours I'd say) and then grab a MATTE top coat and put on top to give the hearts that chalky instead of glossy feel! TA-DA! How simple was that?!

diy valentine's day nails

Hearts 6

Lainey's Guide To The Holidays

Holiday Ideas Tis The Season Free People

I am probably one of the biggest holiday fanatics there ever was. And so every time December rolls around, I get into epic holiday overtime mode, trying to handle any and everything that I could possibly do that surrounds the most wonderful time of the year. And as I'm sure all of you too are the same as I, you too want to make the most of the holidays and be able to say that you celebrated the end of the year with a bang.  Yet, there's so much to handle in such little time that it kind of gets overwhelming with what to do and where to begin. The secret is to drawing inspiration from the people and places around you which for me, consists of lots of Pinterest! So have no fear, help is on the way-- Fashionlaine style. So just hurry up and grab your Starbies red cupped drink, a pen, and paper, because I'm sharing with you today some of my favorite must-have/must-do ideas for the best holiday guide this season.

Holiday Ideas Holiday Nails

Upon any holiday, event or monumental moment, what has now become just as equally important as what your going to wear to the occasion is what your NAILS are going to wear to the occasion. So below I've listed out some of the most epic holiday nail designs that everyone must handle asap.

Holiday Guide Holiday Nails

For those who like the extravagant nail looks that show pictures and tell stories, doing a little Rudolph and snowflake combo on the nails is exactly what you'll need.

We Heart It

Holiday Nails

Switch up the typical sparkle and one different color nail combo with adding a hint of a design on the extra nail so people know you're not messing around with the holidays.


Holiday Nails

What I've been meaning to do since December rolled around, these candy cane nails are SUCH a must.


Holiday Nails

For those who are down to get a little more creative and into it, these (what I like to call) jingle ball nails are the perfect holiday fun.

Holiday Nails

Glitter, ombres, and rhinestones. My three favorite combinations all put into one! Get a metallic icy white glittered ombre and then add a hint of rhinestones (as to not over do it) and you'll be all set for any holiday ball.

Chrissy Yai

Holiday Ideas Holiday Treats

The holidays I think are defined by three things: presents, celebrations... and food. So below I've pulled out some ideas of yummy holiday treats that are sure to be the hit of every Instagram and party.

Holiday Treats

Everyone loves a good chocolate covered strawberry (especially white chocolate covered strawberries for me). But why not add a third layer of green sprinkles to finalize and make them the perfect holiday treat?


Holiday Treats

If you want to go more strawberry less chocolate covered, this fun little whipped strawberry Santa is calling your name.

Holiday Treats

How cute are these?! Typically a gingerbread cookie creator myself, why not step outside the norm and give some snowmen some love in the form of sugar cookies. All you'll need is mini marshmallows, frosting, and time devoted to having lots of fun.

Holiday Treats

Clearly strawberries are all the rage when it comes to the holidays so I couldn't leave out one last delicious treat idea of Santa Brownies consisting of brownies topped with frosting and strawberries.


Holiday Ideas Holiday Photobooths

When I'm at a party, what makes or breaks it is one thing and one thing only-- the photobooth. If there's a booth, you know I'm heading straight there to take 25 rounds of pictures with all of my friends. So if you're hosting a party this year, don't forget to making it one worth everyone wanting to upload to social media instantly.

Holiday Photobooths

Props, props, props. Everyone loves to add a little good attention and flare to their outfit so don't forget to have a full table of props ready to go for everyone (and it wouldn't hurt to match with your besties... and the background).

Mint Love Social Club

Holiday Photobooths

Signage is cute too.

Chloe Moore Photography

Holiday Photobooth

But most importantly, the background! Simple yet detailed like these paper mached white trees and snowflakes, you can easily transform your photobooth room from a simple space to a luscious winter wonderland.

Claudia Kay Photo

Holiday Ideas Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses!! I literally hadn't made a gingerbread house since the second grade until last week when I had a gingerbread house making party with my friends. While I then clearly remembered why I hadn't made one for so long (because my house kept falling down), this was probably one of the best (and most tasty) activities I've ever done.

Gingerbread House

Yummy Mummy Kitchen

Gingerbread House

Simple Bites

Gingerbread House

Lulu's Sweet Secrets

Gingerbread House

Rue La La

Holiday Ideas Holiday Attractions

Last but certainly not least, the most epic (and easiest) way to get into the holiday spirits is to go to places that welcome and celebrate the holidays. Unfortunately since I'm only familiar with the LA area, I can only give you only my take on Los Angeles. But if you're an LA'er or planning a trip to LA soon, below are the top spots you must hit up.

Holiday Attractions Grove

The Grove is perfect all year round-- definitely one of my ultimate fave go-to spots in LA. But during Christmas time it's absolutely stunning with lights, a big tree, real life Santa, and more. And did I mention that they have fake snow they let out everyday?! Alas, a snowy LA winter we can all appreciate.

Nana Company

Holiday Attractions Americana

If you've been and done The Grove endless amounts of times, then checking out their sister mall, The Americana, is such a must with equally amazing stores (their Forever 21 is huge) and equally amazing decor.

Holiday Attractions Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is a go-to picture taking spot all year around. But with a lighting ceremony that starts off the holidays right, they dress up the iconic street with some of the prettiest holiday decor that is a must to see.

Stewie Dewie

Holiday Attractions Disneyland

Ummm.. Disneyland much anyone? Disney dresses up it's town twice a year-- Halloween and Christmas. If you haven't ever been to Disney in December, it's about time for you to take a visit back to Mickey and Toon Town asap.


Holiday Attractions Ice Skating

Last but not least, don't forget to go ice skating with your friends! Find the nearest rink closest to you and ice skate the day away, having fun... and attempting not to fall.