Gangster Chick

Gangster Chick I think the best part about fashion is the fact that it allows you to be whoever you want to be (I'm pretty sure that's why I celebrated Halloween for like a month-- I had a whole month of excuses to dress up and be whoever and whatever!). But on a typical day, if I'm feeling like a boho/hipster-- I just put on a floppy hat and a long dress and call it a day. Feeling like a prepster? I throw on a collared button up and some glasses and I'm good to go. I can always change who I am and express myself through different styles and clothes. And that fully goes with today's fall outfit which I have categorized as my "gangster chick" persona. Feeling like a little rebel with my LA fall beanie, leather vest, and combat boots, I obviously had to add my little Lainey flare with the jewelry and colored patterned pants to make this gangster chick still a Fashionlainer.

Top: American Apparel Pants: DeLacy Vest: Forever 21 Beanie: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Shoes: Bulboxer Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Ring: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Nissa Jewelry 

Gangster Chick 2

Fall Fashion 1

Fall Fashion 2

Fall Beanie 1

Fall Beanie 2

Gangster Chick 7

Pumpkin Patchin'

Pumpkin Patch 1 I've always had a love-hate relationship with Halloween. I love it because I think the concept of trick or treating is so fun, I love the creativity that goes into people's decorations and costumes, and obviously any opportunity I have to dress up is a go-to must for me. Yet, with every greatness comes its downfall, and Halloween becomes a stressful month long preparation and process for me, as I always need to plan my outfits ahead of time and make sure they're perfection. But one thing that I was clearly definitely deprived of as a child was this concept of owning pumpkins during these festive times. In our house, we never made any pumpkin treats (just bought them from Marie Calendars), and we never brought any pumpkins home to create our own special pumpkin carving creations. So as to many people's surprises, last year was the first time in my entire life that I visited a pumpkin patch. Loving the whole concept and every second of it and shocked that I never did thought to do it prior, I knew this year just had to mark my return. Bringing along one of my besties with, I think it's safe to say we had maybe more fun than all the kids combined. And definitely, the face painting action was like the whip cream on top of a pumpkin pie.

My Outfit: Overalls: Modern Lux // Top: Kaitlyn // Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Pin on Hat: Crime by Design // Jewelry: Rosena Sammi (bracelet), Nissa Jewelry (necklace), Rouelle Jewelry (rings, similar here) // Shoes: Bulboxer (similar here)

The Hat Chronicles

Last week I did a little midweek Vegas vaykay to do a visit to the MAGIC convention which is the annual fashion convention in Las Vegas. Not really sure what I was signing myself up for, I was thoroughly happy to be welcomed to booths and booths and booths of amazing brands. A girl's heaven if you ask me-- that place was every fashion lover's dream since it was practically a one-stop shopping excursion. Knowing I had to dress to impress because everyone around me was going to be stepping up their ensemble games, I chose to wear a simple high to low top, black shorts and combat boots. But what the key ingredient was that really perfected the whole look was actually my hat. All of a sudden kind of becoming a recent huge obsessor of hats (possibly preferring them more than headbands for the fall?!), this simple add on is what made me look like I was MAGIC ready.

Shirt: H&M // Shorts: Forever 21 // Shoes: Bullboxer // Hat: Urban Outfitters // Hat Pin: Crime By Design // Jewelry: Rosena Sammi (mesh bracelet), BCBGeneration (Boss & Lainey bracelet), Nissa Jewelery (gold double ring), Forever 21 (gold necklace) // Hair: Uniq Makeup