International Trendsetter

From Germany to San Diego to Los Angeles to New York, my inspiration of the day has been introducing everyone around the world with his style and grace. Always being subtle with his choices in clothing and never letting his outfits overpower his overall look, I've always been a huge fan of Milo and his style since day one. Being one that used to have loud and bright colors setting the tone of his ensembles, Milo has switched up his game, going back to the black and white basics and letting him and his style speak for themselves. With just a hint of plaid detail on the sleeves of his shirt and throwing on some Y-3s to make his outfit go from plain to extra swagged, what adds on to finalizing and perfecting this overall look is no doubt the cap that spells out the initials "IIA". Not typically a huge fan of wearing logos himself, Milo has co-founded the streetwear line IIA that combines his classy yet swagger ways, creating a cool and fun logo that everyone (including myself) is already wanting more of. Getting the attention of people like The Weeknd and only getting a brief taste of what's to come, I can definitely say that I'm excited to see the future for this international trendsetter.


Shirt: Penguin // Pants: Uniqlo // Shoes: Y-3 // Hat: IIA // Bracelet: IIA

A Little Bit Of Diva

Taking my own advice from last week's must-have in The Nicki Effect and throwing in some deep purple lipstick into the mix, today's outfit was inspired by a little bit of Queen Bey's Diva swag sprinkled in with some of Lady G's stunner glasses layered with a touch of Kesha's iconic signature fur pieces. Pairing the look up with a striped shirt that fit in perfectly with the lipstick, I tried to make the fur vest and ensemble go from super fancy to a bit more casual.  And when you throw in the right accessories, shoes, and attitude, you too can easily make your look be fit for a little bit of a diva for the day.

Vest: Bird // Shirt: Forever 21 // Leggings: American Apparel // Shoes: Forever 21 // Sunglasses: Fairfax Flea Market // Rings: Forever 21 (silver finger ring), House of Harlow (white starbust ring)

A Touch Of Victorian

The theme for today's outfit was inspired by a little bit of a Victorian feel. With the buttons, lace, and sleeves that go out a little, the design of this shirt always reminds me to a homage of Victorian times. I love mixing, matching and making unexpected combos, and with this outfit, I wanted to dress up the look a little so I paired it with my favorite sequin skirt and cut out heels. The collared necklace adds on to making the look even more preppy and official, whereas my favorite BCBG statement bracelets add a little bit of character into the ensemble.

Shirt: H&M // Skirt: Zara// Shoes: Forever 21 // Necklace: H&M (similar here) // Bracelets: BCBG // Rings: Lia Sophia (Arrow), Forever 21 (Finger ring, similar here)