Bon Voyage

Red, white and blue. Bring up those three colors together to anyone and ask what fashion brand they associate it with and you’ll easily receive the answer: Tommy Hilfiger. From my typical go-to headbands, crop tops and high waisted shorts, my style wouldn’t typically really be considered the “Hilfiger look”. But a little secret that not too many people know though is that I low-key really love that prepster J Crew/ Hilfiger style. Today’s post and my new found love for Tommy’s brand was inspired by my drive down Robertson earlier this week when I noticed the new store that finally opened up on the corner. Driving by and minding my own business, I took a quick glimpse over to the store and got suddenly entranced and sucked into the large TV on display in one of the windows with a little voyage on the sea digital series that consisted of super cute Hilfiger'ers running around and hanging out on a boat.

All in honor of the nautical themed Spring 2013 collection, as I was watching the video, I automatically thought to myself “I would totally wear this”, which I was surprised to hear myself say since I had never considered wearing Hilfiger prior. Playing around with the look and feel of their famous and well-known All American themed brand, Hilfiger has definitely stepped up his game with this new collection, being able to come up with new ways to play with the iconic three colors and welcome new fans (like myself) to get sucked in. Spotting a little bit of a hipster flare to the new line, this innovative look and feel has inspired me to want to make a transition to bringing a little more prepster into my life. I’ve never more wanted to be a part of the Hilfiger clan (or on a boat) as much as I do now!

Photo Credit: Buzzwire,

Straying From Black

I have to admit... I have a problem. My favorite color is black. Black shoes, black shirts, black skirts, black socks. It just matches so well with everything, it's hard not to love it! So when I saw this piercing blue shirt, you can only imagine the thoughts that were going through my mind. "Do I buy? Do I not buy? Well... it's not black you know... " As I kept debating, I soon came to the understanding that there was just no way that I was going to leave without it. And what's funny is that when I wore this outfit, I got so many compliments not on the outfit as a whole, but on the shirt as its own entity. And on top of that, people weren't saying things about the amazing gold zipper that runs all the way down the back or the fabulous lace design, they instead would stop to tell me that the color of my shirt was amazing. This outfit reminded me about all the times I would get love from others on my bright colored outfits, reminding me that sometimes it's ok to stray away from black.

Shirt: Forever 21 (similar here) // Skirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Ring: Lia Sophia

Basic Blues

People say it's important to pay attention to detail, but sometimes I say it's important to keep it simple. Everyone has to have that signature solid piece in their collection that they can wear with anything; and sometimes those pieces in themselves become the ones that people pay the most attention to. Maybe it was the royal blue color that sucked me in or maybe it was the simplicity of the dress that kept me engaged, but whatever it was, this dress is one of my favorites. It doesn't need a thousand accessories to keep the outfit busy or distracted, it on its own runs the show.


Dress: Forever 21 // Necklace: Lia Sophia // Shoes: Zara // Purse: Aldo