The Trendsetter

This week's inspiration is none other than one of my recent male fashion inspirations. I call Aaron the "trendsetter" because he is one of few guys I have met who loves all fashion and trends and likes to raise the bar with his ensembles. He loves experimenting with the latest styles, whatever that may be, not afraid of seeing how it turns out. With the touch of a beanie hat, Ray-Ban glasses, and a Michael Kors watch, accessorizing is a must for him and his outfits. Spending time with Aaron, you can see the acute vision he has for a look, a style, or a trend that he is going for and will do what he needs to to make that vision become a reality. Aaron loves getting inspiration from the people around him and taking bits and pieces from everyone's style and make a new one of his own. Caring more about looks than comfort, skinny jeans will always beat the baggy, and on a day like this where the weather was blistering cold, a v-neck was all that was needed to survive... all in the name of fashion!

Plaid Shirt: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // V-Neck: H&M // Jeans: H&M// Shoes: J. Crew // Beanie: H&M// Glasses: Ray-Ban // Watch: Michael Kors

The Styles of Sundance

Queens of Park City: MJ & GG from Shahs of Sunset, owned the winter chic look with these amazing fur vests and jackets, and even throwing in some cute boots and heeled booties into the mix

The night before heading to Utah, I probably sat and stared at my closest for a good two hours before finally starting to put together the things I would actually be packing. At that moment, I wish I had a go-to guide of what people actually wore at Sundance. You have to look cute, but you have to stay warm, you want to be dressed up, but want to stay casual, and all in all you ultimately don't want to repeat the same thing every day. All I had were a few pictures of me from the year before which didn't help me out too much. I wanted to see other people's styles, other people's outfits, and how others pulled off this theme of winter fab. So that's what I decided to do this year, showcasing in this post some of my ultimate favorite outfits I came across this past week. And hopefully this will prevent you in the future from sitting and staring at your closet for a good two hours before actually packing.

Just Neon: I spotted one of my all-time favorite bloggers Jared Eng from Just Jared, sporting this amazing highlighter neon green sweater from a mile away, kinda being completely jealous I didn't own it myself. And then seeing those amazing cheetah sneakers in the mix? This outfit is to die for

Ultimate Hipsters: The casual beanie, glasses, white jeans and combat looking shoes helps allow Andrew and Dillon to remain completely hipster in the snow

Iconic Snow Bunny: When I think of winter outfits-- a beanie, puffy jacket, and winter boots with fur come into the mind; this outfit completely fulfills every hope I would have for doing this look right

Casual Scarfing: This outfit first grabbed my attention because of the amazing yet simple scarf that tied the whole look together. While many were huddling up in their thick, woven scarves, this loose cross one paired up with a super cute petticoat and oversized sunglasses definitely put other outfits to shame

Winter Swag: New Era beanie, pullover sweater, white pants and killer snow boots-- Carlon Jeffery from Disney's A.N.T. Farm knows how to teach everyone about how that winter swag is supposed to go

Hint of Patterns: Adding a hint of a pattern like these super cute flower pants with your winter coat and boots helps you stand out from the crowd and add a little flare and personal style to your ensemble

Runway Perfection: These boys totally stole my heart as two of my favorite outfits I came across this week; the double wrapped hanging scarf and beanie or winter jacket and sweater looks seemed as they could've been easily styled in a magazine

Comfy Casual: This outfit was so simple, yet so cute. The jeans, long sleeve shirt, and amazing boots that tied the whole look together brought me back to a hint of an LA touch

Corduroy and Sweaters: This picture doesn't do these pants justice! The blue corduroy pants with this amazing winter-themed hoodie zip up could not make for the more perfect outfit for the snow

Fall Rain

Over the weekend us Angelenos had a brutal awakening with some harsh rain (and yes, I consider drizzling as harsh) and to what may be the beginning of an actual "winter" in LA. While many of us probably ducked for cover inside our homes to steer clear of the change in weather (typically I would be one of them), I decided to brave the rain to embrace the beginning of our possible winter season and of course, the winter ensembles.

Whenever I see the beginning of cold weather amongst us (for us LA'ers that will begin at 70 degrees), the first thing I'll do is bust out the leg warmers. Any opportunity to wear these cute comebacks from the 80s is a must. And for the girl who loves headbands, trading in the summer floral headpieces for winter knit beanies and turbans makes bearing the cold worth it. I have yet to find the perfect rain boots, but my Steve Madden leathers have been serving the purpose in the meantime. On top of that, the go-to big jackets, cute sweaters and standard leggings are a given to completing that perfect winter chic look that can get all of us (especially the ones in LA) past these cold times coming ahead.

Jacket: Zara // Shirt: H&M // Leggings: American Apparel // Leg Warmers: American Apparel // Boots: Steve Madden (similar here) // Hat: Forever 21 (similar here) // Jewelry: Lia Sophia (black & white ring)