Gangster Chick

Gangster Chick I think the best part about fashion is the fact that it allows you to be whoever you want to be (I'm pretty sure that's why I celebrated Halloween for like a month-- I had a whole month of excuses to dress up and be whoever and whatever!). But on a typical day, if I'm feeling like a boho/hipster-- I just put on a floppy hat and a long dress and call it a day. Feeling like a prepster? I throw on a collared button up and some glasses and I'm good to go. I can always change who I am and express myself through different styles and clothes. And that fully goes with today's fall outfit which I have categorized as my "gangster chick" persona. Feeling like a little rebel with my LA fall beanie, leather vest, and combat boots, I obviously had to add my little Lainey flare with the jewelry and colored patterned pants to make this gangster chick still a Fashionlainer.

Top: American Apparel Pants: DeLacy Vest: Forever 21 Beanie: AMI Clubwear (similar here) Shoes: Bulboxer Necklace: Nissa Jewelry Ring: Nissa Jewelry Bracelet: Nissa Jewelry 

Gangster Chick 2

Fall Fashion 1

Fall Fashion 2

Fall Beanie 1

Fall Beanie 2

Gangster Chick 7

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The Real Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce 1 You know those girls that you see when you're out and about at a bar, store, or restaurant that you simply can't stop staring at, all of a sudden realizing that you've become completely obsessed with them without even knowing it? Well today's inspiration Angelina pretty much has that effect on me... every single time. With a natural ease that instantly makes her everyone's bestie but with the low key epic swagger of Sasha Fierce (aka Beyonce), Angelina knocks everyone automatically dead when she walks into a room. Born and raised in LA but now a year long resident in the Big Apple, Angelina's been able to incorporate her spicy Cali ways into the ever changing weathers of NY. Really loving the androgynous boyish school girl vibe that's taking over this fall, Angelina gets her main point of wardrobe inspiration from her grandma who would mix and match with her grandpa's closet-- bringing in that feminine touch with statement accessories. Getting inspired in the city that never sleeps, Angelina and her co-partner Milo (featured as a previous inspiration) started a clothing line called IIA (short for Insomnia) that sets out to encourage and inspire ambitious teens to build on their creative paths through streetart, music, photos, and fashion. With today's outfit that's simple and sweet with just the bold letters of IIA across her chest, it's easy to see (even through just these pics) why Angelina truly doesn't even need more than that to be a fashion killa.

Sasha Fierce 2

Sasha Fierce 3

Top: IIA NYC // Bottoms: Wasteland // Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo // Purse: Rachel Roy // Sunglasses: miu miu // Jewelry: IIA NYC (cuff bracelets), Fendi (watch)