Reverse French

As we head into the weekend and get ready for the great festivities that lie ahead of us in the week to come, there's a lot of prep that will be going on for this Thanksgiving holiday. Some will be buying their last minute turkeys, some will be stocking up on pumpkin pies, others will be getting their TVs set for the annual Macy's Day Parade, and I will be getting my much needed Thanksgiving manicure. Being that Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday in the entire world (after Chrismukkah, of course), you have to do it right, and that first starts with your nails.  I love how over the past few years, not only can one admire a fashionista's amazing ensemble, but now, one's nails are ensembles of their own! Whether that means putting a pop of a different color on a nail or two, or adding a fun design, your manicures are the place where you can show off your creative side and personalitiy. Something as simple as a reverse french nail adds that extra umph to one's already cute Thanksgiving Day outfit.

Just like the newest pair of shoes or the cutest tops are musts in one's collection, creativity in your nails is equally a must have. Below are some more ideas and inspirations from a few of my favorite bloggers to show how you too can spice up your nails this holiday season.

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