Motivation Monday: No Limits

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Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? — Frida Kahlo 🦋

This week’s #MondayMotivation post is inspired by my current travels in Mexico! What I love most about traveling is getting introduced to different cities, cultures, people, & traditions and for this past week I’ve been beyond colorfully inspired every step of the way—literally.

On one of my first days here I had the chance to visit the house of one of the most badass female painters there ever was—Queen #FridaKahlo. She not only spoke to my soul because of her amazing use of color in her paintings & epic sense of fashion, but what I love most is how she stood against all odds & never let limits hold her down.

Frida grew up with many challenges in life from being disabled with polio at the age of 6 to getting into a life-threatening bus accident at 18 that made her paralyzed to a wheelchair moving forward. Doctors said she wouldn’t be able to do much with her life after that point, yet what made Frida a symbolic icon to many around the world was the she never let the words, or beliefs of others, limit or hold her down in any sense. Frida constantly stood against society norms from the way she dressed to the use of her symbolic therapeutic paintings that made her a leader of empowerment to many.

In life, there are two ways we can go about things: either letting the moments that seem like defeats take the best of us, or use these same moments to create new opportunities of strength & power, which is what Frida constantly did.

And with that, for this Monday—I want to encourage YOU to take on the badass Frida mentality & vibes and truly embrace the concept that NOTHING in life is a limit—it’s just an opportunity to grow and be stronger. Life is all about perspective & the way we decide we want to handle & look at things. If Frida let what many would claim as her “disability” become her limiting factor, then we as a world would never have had the pleasure of being witnesses to the amazingness that was Frida Kahlo. Anyone else with me?! 👊🏻🌈🇲🇽 ll #inspilaine#lifeinthefastlaine