To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often— Winston Churchill

This weekend was #Coachella and to MANY people’s surprises... I didn’t go. If you know me well, you KNOW the words “Lainey”, “Coachella”, & “Coloring Your Hair Rainbow For The Desert” literally go hand-in-hand. Sooo me not being there this weekend was pretty impossible to understand.

Exactly a year ago I posted this pic on my Instagram from the festivial with a whole caption & video (click here to read last year's post) sharing my feelings about the weekend. While most people came back having one of the best times of their lives, I came back having a big re-evaluation on a lot of things I felt I wanted to shift: from my blog to brand to the priorities in my life in general— which I think you’ve been able to see through these #MondayMotivation posts I now do. 

Leading up to this year’s festival, I found myself making plans with all these brands to go again, because as a blogger, I felt like I NEEDED to be there. And while I LOVE me a good music festival & epic ferris wheel photo, this year I found myself actually really not wanting to go at all. The desire I so had in the past seemed to no longer be there this year. And in this process, I noticed I started making myself feel bad thinking there was something wrong with me that I actually didn’t care to go.

In life, change is inevitable. And the way I initially viewed this change was that it wasn’t good because it was different. But in reality, change is a beautiful thing and just means people can & do go through different stages. I look at the girl in this picture from just one year ago & see someone completely different on a lot of levels from the girl I am today. And while I might totallyyy go to Coachella again next year, I want today’s post to just be a reminder to you all that it’s ok to be & act different than your past. As Winston Churchill says above, change is just an improvement.

I DID watch a bunch of the live streams though and one of my FAVE sets was KYGO. And that booty drop dance Beyonce & Solange Knowles did... that was everythangg. Anyone else with me?! 🐝🌴💖🌈 ll #inspilaine