Let's Go To The Beach

Ever since last week when the weather had been hitting the 80s and everyone was instagramming pictures and making statuses about lying by the pool, all I wanted to do was go to the beach. So I made it a mission this past Saturday to get ready in full Lainey beach mode and attempt to turn some of my winter white skin into a pretty Californian tan. Trekking over to Santa Monica which seemed like it took an eternity (it actually seriously did take a hour to get there and a hour to get back, which for LAers that really is an eternity), it was clear everyone else had the same game plan in mind as me. With my Crime By Design hat, one of my millions of favorite H&M bathing suits, and vintage shorts that were originally mom's high waisted skirt that I converted to high waisted shorts, I was ready to hit the beach, Fashionlaine style.

Bathing Suit Top: H&M // Shorts: Vintage // Hat: Crime By Design