Lainey's Five Words: COMMIT

Photography: Madison Dizon

The key to success is to commit to whatever it is you want— even when you don’t have it in you to try anymore.

For the third word in my Lainey's Five Word series I'm sharing the word COMMIT. I truly believe that you need to stick to things in order to see success, even when you feel like you're failing. Even with my blog, there were over 1,000 times that I just wanted to give it up and quit. But one day my dad turned to me and said, "While some things may take time, if you believe in something strong enough, just commit to seeing it through and then anything is possible." So from that day forward, I decided that "quitting" was never a word I was going to use again. 

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Top: Reebok
Pants: Chroma Basix
Sunglasses: Krewe
Shoes: Nike (similar here)

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