Lainey For The Holidays: The Present


Glam / Photography: Mayra Lozano

The only place I wanna be is underneath your Christmas tree

The BEST part of the holidays are the presents, OF COURSE! So I just HAD to wrap myself up in a bunchhh of bows and the most epic seeming wrapping paper dress I could find from my faveee brand Laurence and Chico....which then I had to obviouslyyy pair with the most amazinggg sparkle diamond boots from ALDO! What I love about doing these photo series is the fact that I get to be super fun and creative and do out of the box photo shoots like these where I get to bring the simple concept of a LIFE. This was defff one of my top faveee looks to create for the series. Don't I look like a natural under the Christmas tree?! :)

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Dress: Laurence and Chico
Shoes: ALDO

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