Hallomonth: Rainbow- Rain Cloud Costume

You can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain

Continuing on with my #Hallomonth festivities--today's costume is dedicated to all the cute parents out there trying to think of creative costume to do with their little ones. So NATURALLY, being the rainbow colored fanatic that I am, I instantly thought that I had to do something with a rainbow and this fun duo outfit then came to mind! 

I'm definitely not the craftiest DIY'er but I'm super proud of this costume since I made this rain cloud umbrella all by myself! sooo I thought it would only do this justice if I bestowed my DIY wisdom upon you to teach you tooo how to recreate this look for your Halloween #OOTD. Steps below along with links on where to shop this look!

Blue Construction Paper
Glue Stick / Tape
White String
Fiber Fill
Hot Glue Gun / Glue Sticks
Clear or White Umbrella (I got mine from the 99 cents store but here's a cheap one online!)


1. Get a white or clear umbrella. This I came to realize as being very important (as initially I got a colored umbrella) because when you take photos or lift the umbrella into the air, any color or pattern will show underneath, taking away from the "cloud" effect. So make sure to get white or clear-- white preferred :) 
2. Once your umbrella is ready to go, grab your hot glue gun (make sure you buy the right size gluesticks!! , I totally didn't realize and made that mistake and had to go back and switch them out) and start applying glue to the umbrella. 
3. From there, start layering on the fiber fill to the applied glue area which will be what creates the "cloud". What I did when applying on the fiber fill was I kept most of the material together as one cohesive piece that I pulled and stretched over the topping of the umbrella. I did this versus pulling off little pieces and then applying glue as I believed a) it was faster, and b) it made the "cloud" look more cohesive.
4. Continue on throughout the umbrella layering on your glue and sticking on the rest of the fiber fill. There were some points where you'll have to split some of the fiber fill a part to add on to the rest of the umbrella but that's fine. This is a very easy free for all, and you can really go about applying the fiber fill on any way you see best.
5. After finishing layered the fiber fill on top of the whole umbrella, grab some extra leftover pieces and layer it on top of the existing layer to create a thicker and fuller cloud effect.

TA-DA, your cloud is done!


1. Grab your string (I got white string but clear string can be another cool option as to really give a real rain effect without seeing the string) and measure it out from the underneath rim of the umbrella to however long you want the drops to be. Make sure to have the string long enough so that it goes lower than the bottom edge of the umbrella so that you can see the raindrops clearly. 
2. Once you have a length you are happy with, copy and cut that string size multiple times so you have a uniform set of rain drop strings.
3. Grab your blue construction paper and trace out a big raindrop that you will use as your marker for the remainder of the pieces. From there trace multiple raindrops on the construction paper and cut out. For each raindrop + string combo you will need two cutout raindrops so make sure you have double the amount.
4. Grab one of the raindrops and tape it to the tip of the string and then grab glue to glue on another raindrop to the other side that you will sandwich to the string. That way when you're moving and shaking with your umbrella, no matter what way the raindrop turns, you won't see the string that's attached to it.
5. Once you're done with all the raindrop-string creations (you can determine how many you want to include in your umbrella), tie the tip of the string to the metal frame that's underneath the top of the umbrella. I did one raindrop string per little metal frame but if you feel like that's too many raindrops, do less. 

DOUBLE TA-DA! And now you have a rain cloud umbrella! Sooo easy peasy!

Shop This Look!

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Dress: GUESS
Shoes: Dizzy Sandals (similar in black here)
Rainbow Costume: Amazon