Hallomonth: Flamingo Costume

If you can’t be a unicorn... then be a flamingo!

Gahhh I just LOVEEEE Halloween SO. MUCH. I think it's because it's the one day of the year that it's socially acceptable to literally wear WHATEVER it is that you want. But at this point... I've just taken that rule and turned it into EVERY day of the year for me. (Especially now with all the different series that I do i.e. the Nutcracker, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Lainey's Five Words, and Wizard of Oz.)

Well now with Halloween, it seems like I can NEVER just do one costume and all it a day. Instead, I have to take on at least one for every day leading UP to Halloween which I've therefore now dubbed as "Hallomonth".  SOOOO... for the next few weeks leading up to Halloween, I'm going to be posting some of my favorite costumes that I wanted to do this year... because I couldn't think of JUST ONE.

First up, I thought I just HAD to go with the animal that is my unicorn alter ago--a flamingo! I went with an all pink glittery look for the eyes and chalked my hair pink for my hair. And making this outfit was SUPER simple and something you can do too! All you need is a pink dress and a few boas to wrap yourself around with and then I created this little flamingo head out of colored foam.

Makeup Credit: Brittnie Busik