Fashionlaine Takes YouTube!

popular youtube fashion bloggers
popular youtube fashion bloggers

The day has officially arrived... I am now apart of the YouTube loving family! As I sit here writing this announcement post and finalizing and updating my first video to share with you guys, I suddenly have rushes of nostalgia about this whole thing as I feel like I've been meant to do this for a long time coming now. Not only because some of the people closest to me have insisted on me entering the YouTube world for what seems like forever (seriously, I've had this talk for actually over a year). But also because I am suddenly remembering back to the times of when honestly, I would be making YouTube videos... without making YouTube videos.

Remember the day that Facebook announced that you can start making videos and directly posting it on people's walls? Well, I do! And let me tell you... I went H.A.M. on those videos. Facebook became my OWN YouTube channel, where I'd spend what seemed like hours producing these extremely low-budget, super dorky, but (to what I thought as) extremely entertaining and hilarious videos for my friends. And from there, I started to get a following of mutual Facebook friends looking out and waiting to see if they could spot the next video I was going to launch on someone's wall. Loving the thrill of finding ways to not only entertain others, but somehow end up entertaining myself, it slowly became like a fun little hobby for me. Yet, those days were short-lived as my life got busier and my new video creations little by little slowly started to disappear.

Of course, these were the days before I was a blogger and before the days of me sharing my daily ins and outs of life through blog posts, Instagrams, and of course now, Snapchat.  So yet, while I may be delayed in entering the YouTube family, I think it's safe to say that I've been subconsciously prepping for this moment my entire life (or at least the past few years).

I'm looking forward to sharing this new adventure and another piece of me with you guys and hopefully having a video up once a week (every Wednesday moving forward!).

Today's first kickoff video is dedicated to officially introducing myself to you with 5 Things You Need To Know about me! Subscribe to my channel and comment to let me know what you think of Video #1!

xoxo, Lainey

Top: Missguided (similar here) Skirt: LC Lauren ConradShoes: BCBGeneration (similar here)Crown: VSA Designs

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