Fashionlaine Fridays: EP 1 (Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself, AGAIN!)


“WOW, you’re so different than what I expected from your social media!” —says everyone to me always.

I always joke about how I feel like I live a double life like #HannahMontana— 1) as FASHIONLAINE (the rainbow loving positive unicorn who loves to dress up) & 2) as ELAINE (the casual girl who deals with the same real life struggles we all do).

The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reassessment of what I want to get out of being here on social media and the more it comes down to it, I keep coming back to wanting more realness. Because to be honest, I’m over the overly curated posts that social media has become all about—that perfection we all are stressed that we think we have to portray here.

So as I shared on my Instagram today, I’m bringing back my video series #FashionlaineFridays. Each week I’m going to share a different topic/ struggle/ thought I deal with in real-life so people can A) get to know me a deeper level and B ) connect with the idea that things are not all easy and perfect as social media make them seem.

SOOOOO: head to this link below to check out the first video & subscribe to my YouTube channel!!