Fashionlaine & Friends: Series Launch!


Photography / Hair / Makeup: Mayra Lozano

✨💫 ONCE UPON A TIME there was a girl named Lainey who’d always dream up the craziest things (…they say it came from the part Aquarius in her) ♒️.

She grew up loving fairytales & happy endings which made her always fantasize that her life was like a movie & that everyone in it played different characters. And WITH THAT, the inspiration of a new Fashionlaine series officially came to rise! 🤩🧚🏼‍♀️📸.

Through the fantasy world of social media, Lainey had met so many magical beings that she thought it was time to introduce them all & let them shine 🌟.

Beginning a new ongoing photo shoot series called #FashionlaineAndFriends, you will begin to meet the whimsical people Lainey has come to know, showcased through your favorite movies, TV shows, & celebrities along with a story as to why they relate to her as the different characters you’ll come to see.

GET READY, the kick-off starts tomorrow—and HINT, it might involve traveling to the UK & taking down a spoonful of sugar. ✈️🇬🇧☂️🍧🌈. Who’s going to join her there?! STAY TUNED!✨💫.