Fashionlaine & Friends: Erin Ziering / Mary Poppins


Photography: Mayra Lozano

HOW DOES SHE DO IT ALL?! Is the question I always ask whenever I see @erinziering…. or in terms of today’s post—MARY POPPINS.

Erin flew down from the sky into my life 2 years ago when a mutual friend had mentioned that I just HAD to meet this magical mama who loved color as much as I did. And from the second we met, I wasn’t just instantly in awe of the enchanted aurora Erin gave off, but even more so, by the fact that she was somehow able to do it all—be a fashionista, writer, content creator, wife, mom, and more.

If you watch her Instagram Stories or read her captions though, she shows that doing it all isn’t easy as she shares the real-life struggles that she goes through on the daily that you may not see through the perfectly beautiful photos she creates. Yet no matter what the challenge may be, she always seems to have the solution to quickly fix any salty situation she’s in—while adding her splash of sugar to it.

Always giving the best advice, every time I’m with Erin I’m always left inspired to be the best version of myself, while remembering to have FUN—just like Mary Poppins makes everyone around the world feel. Therefore, for all these reasons and more, that’s why for today’s first #FashionlaineAndFriends post, Erin is SOOO my Mary Poppins. And cleary, that makes her #Supercallifragilisticexpialidocious!

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