Desert In Color: The Road Trip

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Photography / Glam: Mayra Lozano

‘Two roads diverged in a wood’— but then I said “F**K THIS SHIT”... and made a third road instead

First stop in this Desert In Color series begins with a little road trip... of course! To me, this photo shoot was a symbol that we all have many paths we can take in life, some being more common than others. It’s easiest to follow the most popular paths {and probably less stressful and hassle free!}. But don’t follow the common path just because you think it’s the safest. Remember that YOU are the driver of your life, so any road you want to take is & CAN be a success— you just have to believe in yourself. So the next time you get presented with two roads, take the one that YOU make for yourself.

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Desert In Color: Live In Color

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