Cheetah Girl: The Mini Skirt


Photography / Hair / Makeup: Mayra Lozano

SOOOOO is it just me or do you think the Disney Channel was on to something when they created the #CheetahGirls because this cheetah trend is EVERYWHERE now and it seems like NO ONE can get enough of it!

I’ve missed so much creating these fun themed Fashionlaine series shoots but don’t worry ya’llz cuz they’re back and ROARING more than ever! {Lolllzzz… do cheetahs “ROAR”?!}.

Anyways, since I AM Fashionlaine (no @iamfashionlaine Instagram handle pun intended), what better way to bring back my series than with creating some the best and most fashionably fashion shoots—in cheetah theme!

I’m ALL about finding the most affordable ways to take on the latest trends so HOP on my magic school bus as I take you through a cheetah safari and find you some of the BEST cheetah looks with this series that will make you fall in LOVE with the cheetah trend if you weren’t into it already.

This first look is ALL about the mini skirt vibes that I paired with a simple brown leotard and matching suede jacket. I added a cute cheetah vibey looking pair of earrings from Forever 21 for this and added a matching cheetah clutch that’s a few years old {aka I was SOOO part of the cheetah trends before it was a trend!}.

The most expensive portion of this outfit are my Gucci booties but always adding something a little more expensive with less expensive pieces makes the quality of your entire look seem #fancier!

Click the link below to shop these pieces and stay tuned for the next few weeks because we’ve got WAY more cheetah to come!

Top: Forever 21
Willow + Clay
Shoes: GUCCI
Forever 21