Bringing Classy Back

You always hear one girl or another complaining and saying in frustration, "ugh, but if only if he dressed better!" Which then sometimes even results in girls feeling like it's their life-goal mission to go all Princess Diaries on the guy and transform his look. Wanting a guy who knows how to layer and wears v-necks as actual shirts and not as undershirts...  is that too much to ask for? Lucky for us Fashionlainers, I've found a budding fashionista who has got this memo early on and is owning in the wardrobe department.  While his friends and classmates are pulling out their typical tees, jeans, and maybe even basketball shorts for a normal day of school, Daniel is heading straight for the sweaters and button downs. For all of us girls who swooned over Ryan Gosling's character in Crazy Stupid Love, loving that he knew  it was appropriate to dress up on the daily, Daniel is the real deal version of that. Always keeping his outfits classy and well put together, Daniel is always game-on, dressing to impress every day and night.

Sweater: Zara (similar here) // Collared Shirt: GAP // Jeans: Levi's // Shoes: Timberland // Belt: H&M