Behind The Lens

With every great model comes a great photographer; someone who sees the beauty the way you do, has a vision like you do, and understands the importance of detail, colors, and lighting. Today's inspiration is a unique one for me as this is the first time the roles are being reversed and Sara is for once being MY model, stepping away from behind the camera and taking the spotlight in front. Working backstage at some of the biggest and best events and runways during New York Fashion Week, Sara is already making a name for herself both as a photographer and in the fashion world. With every blog post I create and every shoot I take, I pay homage to Sara, remembering just a few years ago when she was my very first fashion photographer and when our simple hangout sessions would turn into photo shoot sessions--coming up with concepts, outfits, themes and stylings to fulfill every shot and look. And what's best about Sara's aspirations to being an elitist fashion photographer? She has an amazing style of her own. Simple yet sophisticated, fashionable yet to the point, Sara knows how to put outfits together to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in real life and in pictures. Loving to tell stories with every shoot, outfit, theme, lighting, and trend, Sara's story is never-ending, her pictures are always stunning, and vision always breathtaking. Believing in your dreams and following the path you know you belong in is what I'm all about and always wholeheartedly preach. Seeing Sara going against the grain and doing what she loves is not just an inspiration to me, but should be so to many. And soon enough, I'll be having to take a number because every great model will be coming up to Sara asking her to make hangout sessions to photo shoot sessions.

Top Shirt: Forever 21// Under Shirt: Zara // Skirt: Zara (similar here) // Shoes: H&M // Hat: H&M // Jewelry: Marc Jacobs (necklaces), Marc Jacobs (watch), Marc Jacobs (heart ring), Israel (diamond ring) Los Angeles (single gold rings), Marc Jacobs, Brand Melville (bracelets)